Selecting Powder Coating Companies for Quality Over Price


Powder coating is a unique industry because it is used to protect and beautify both items that you use every day, and machine components that you didn't even know existed. In your home, most of your metal surfaces are power coated - your dishwasher, laundry machine, windows, and more. In your yard, your patio furniture, tractor, golf clubs, basketball hoop, and practice goalie net are powder coated as well. And there are many automotive uses for powder coating as well: Wheels, rims, trim, door handles, and even right under the paint job. Powder coating in your daily life is used to create bright, strong finishes that are durable - no scratches, rust, or other damage. It's also great for the outdoors because the sun will not damage it or make colors fade.



Powder coating has arguably even more important uses for manufactured products. In machine components like powder coated automotive parts, the powder coating serves to completely protect the parts - springs, chassis, shocks, struts, and more - from the immense amount of wear and tear that comes with driving a vehicle. Powder coating makes a part more durable, and also offers complete water protection, which minimizes the risk of machine parts corroding or rusting.



For some projects, powder coating's initial expenses can seem daunting, and many manufacturers and automotive professionals look for other avenues. However, in opting for lower-quality powder coating and powder coating alternatives, manufacturers put themselves actually end up putting themselves behind financially in the long run. On Amazon, would you be more likely to purchase an item that looked flawlessly smooth and brilliantly colored, or something that looks like it's one step above being spray-painted? For larger home purchases (like appliances) as well, customers are looking for something that is solid and durable, and will be more likely to spend a higher amount of money if the quality is very impressive. More durable components means a longer lifespan of your product, and better brand perception in your customers' eyes. It also makes offering a warrantee for your products a much safer choice - as they are less likely to break. For building projects and public works like facades, windows, doors, public benches, etc., power coating can last up to 20 years without any maintenance. For a company on a budget, a product that maintains its strength and its beauty for 20 years pays itself off because it won't need to be replaced or repainted every few years.