The Ins & Outs of Powder Coating

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Powder Coating is a very useful technique for durable, high-quality finishes. According to Cleveland powder coating business Imperial Metal Solutions (IMS Powder Coating), industrial powder coating can be used for its functional, protective purposes, and can also be used decoratively - adding almost any imaginable color and texture to the product. Powder coating techniques can also be used for restoration of metal, so that any metal items such as radiators, car parts, patio furniture, and more will look good-as-new.

So how does powder coating work?

It is quite a complicated process that requires a lot of heavy-duty technology and machinery. The first thing to understand about powder coating is that it is a dry finishing process. That means no painting or spraying.

The powder coating process begins with the creation of a special polymer. This compound is melted and mixed with other additives which color, cure, and level the compound. The final solution is then dried and ground - and the end result is a uniform flour-like product which will then be applied to the metal.

Here's where things get interesting. The metal in question needs to be prepared to receive and bond with the coating. In order to for this to occur, a special tool called a spray gun uses electricity to charge the fine particles of the flour-like particle. The charged polymer particles are then applied to the metal. Because the metal is electrostatically grounded, the positively charged powder attaches to it very strongly. Powder coating takes advantage of the electrical properties of metal so that the coating actually bonds with the metal, not just adheres to it.

The molecular bonding process between the powder and the metal forms very long chains of molecules. This ensures that the powder coating is highly durable and does not break down.

While this is the most common powder coating process, others exist as well. There are other processes such as fluidized bed application. In this process, the powder is prepared as usual, and then the preheated part to be coated is dipped into the powder. Because of the heat applied to the metal part, the powder coating melts and bonds onto the piece. Additionally, other processes exist that allow for powder coating of materials other than metal such as medium density fiberboard (MDF) and plastics.

Powder coating companies should always work directly with the client to help them choose the right coating with the right properties so that the end result is individualized and exactly suited to the customer specs. One personal touch that a great powder coating company provides is pickup and delivery. For example, IMS Powder Coating will pick up and deliver products in Cleveland, Akron, and Northeast Ohio.

Miranda Imperi